Alimento Para Bebe – Your Home away From Home

alimentao para bebe

Alimento Para Bebe – Your Home away From Home

Alimento Para Bebe is a small fresh fish restaurant that has a tapas menu that really takes you back to the good old times. It is run by two brothers, Mario and Paco, who have owned the restaurant for the last seven years. They were brought up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and came to New York City in order to open the restaurant. The tapas menu offers mainly tapas dishes but also have other items such as rice, pastas, salads, desserts and much more.

The tapas are served on wooden tables that are very stylish and have a very Brazilian look to them. The tapas are prepared by a team of expert chefs that do a fabulous job of preparing the delicacies. The tapas are accompanied by some delicious cocktails that you will love to try. This is a restaurant where you can get your fill of tapas and also have some Brazilian coffee too. The leites are the most popular thing at Alimento para Bebe.

There are various different types of tapas to choose from such as the beefsteak type which is marinated in soy sauce and cooked on an open fire. Then there are the beefsteaks with a sweet pepper sauce that you can order. Normally the tapas are served with steamed white rice that is very delicious when eaten with fresh strawberries or lemon wedges.

When it comes to the deserts are really amazing. Alimento Para Bebe offers you a variety of deserts. You can order a Chocolate Cappuccino, Almonded dates, Fresh fruit, Honeycomb Graham crackers or a Chocolate Fondue. All these delicious desserts can be finished off with a good glass of champagne. The tapas are served with a selection of mixed grillas as well as some traditional side dishes. The tapas come in a very wide range of delicious ingredients and you will be spoilt for choice when dining here.

Another exciting thing at Alimento para Bebe is the Brazilian themed nights. There are numerous nights where you can enjoy the tapas as the Brazilian’s do. The tapas come with all the traditional Brazilian delicacies like the leites and coffee. There are also a number of salsas and fresh vegetables on offer as well.

For those people who are vegetarian, you can also get some interesting vegetarian options in Alimento. There are salads and vegetables as well as some delicious steamed leites. The leites are always best on a warm day so you can always make them ahead of time and keep them warm whilst you dine here.

Alimento also serves a fabulous selection of tapas bars where you can choose your favourite dishes. From the classic Portuguese tapas to spicy North Indian and Chinese tapas there is a huge range to choose from. Each dish is cooked to perfection and is accompanied by either a soup or a marinade.

The Alimento parties de Bebe is a must for anyone looking for great tapas. The friendly waiters and the wonderful wine served will ensure that you have a wonderful dining experience here. The only downfall to this great place is that it can get very crowded at times. So plan your trip intelligently and you will be spoiled for choice.

If you prefer tapas but you do not have much money to spend, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are also some inexpensive tapas places in the vicinity of Alimento. You can stop in at Pasto which serves a variety of traditional Brazilian tapas. It has a small range of tapas but you will be able to find some delicious tapas there.

If you would like to try something different then you could try the local Brazilian specialities such as camera. It is very thick and oily and you only need a single spoonful. The locals love eating this delicious coconut dish which also goes by the name of Cabeiras. Cabeira is also made into a drink and it is very popular with tourists who come to visit Alimento.

You can also choose to have a fabulous lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants that are dotted around here. At Alimento you will find a restaurant called La Barra, which is the number one seafood restaurant in town. You will find some of the most delicious Brazilian seafood here and if you do not fancy seafood you will also be able to sample some of the other great tapas restaurants in town. This area is also known for its excellent collection of modern art, which can easily be seen at the nearby museums. There is no doubt that you will be left wishing you had stayed longer!

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